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Pine Cone Projects Are Fun
~ Sweetgum Mouse ~
This is fun, eh?

Podz & Materials Needed ~
Sweetgum pod with stem OR Small Closed Pinecone Dud
1 Acorn
2 5mm Wiggle eyes
Glue gun or tacky glue
2 small brown pom poms or cut felt
Dried pine needles
Slice of dried tree branch or other piece of wood for base
 (about 1/2" thick and 2" across)
Gold spray paint

How to Put it All Together ~
Glue the pod to the wood base with the stem sticking out. The stem is the tail.
Or glue the small pinecone dud to the wood base and add yarn for the tail.
Glue the acorn to the other end of the pod or cone dud, slightly at an angle for the head.
Glue on the wiggle eyes and then for the ears, add the pom poms or cut felt.
Cut the dried pine needles to the desired size and glue on for the whiskers.

To create other animals, exchange different colors & types of materials to make eyes, ears and tails! Make some with pinecone duds and others with the sweetgum podz!

Pine Cone Projects Are Fun
~ Pinecone Picture Frame ~>
Create Wonderful Gifts

Pinecones & Materials Needed~
Pinecones ~ Norway Spruce, Longleaf Cones to cut for Petals or can use some Cedar Rose Petals, and 2 Himalayan Giant White Pine Duds
2-inch foam brushes
Small gardening snips or Needle nose pliers
Dremel or Rotary Tool
Hot-glue gun
Ball point pen
Mirror (sized to fit inside frame)

How to Put it All Together ~
Using a foam brush, apply a base coat of paint to the frame, and let dry.
Apply a top coat, and let dry.
Meanwhile, using the gardening snips or pliers, begin removing the pinecone petals {scales}, from the Norway Spruce and Longleaf Pine, keeping each kind in separate piles or jars.
For the rosettes, use the tips of the Norway Spruce cones and the bases of the Longleaf cones; cut them off with the Dremel or Rotary Tool. Their scales fill in the rest of the frame. For the corner cones, cut the Himalayan Giant White Pine Dud cones in half lengthwise with the Dremel or Rotary tool so they will lay flat.
Lay out the big pieces of your pattern on the frame (like the rosettes and corner cones), and trace around them with the ball point pen so you’ll know where to place the scales. The larger cones will be glued last.
Start with the outside edging. Hot-glue petals or Cedar Rose Petals around the edge of the frame, overlapping slightly as you go. (The part of the petal that was attached to the cone should be glued down and slightly overlapping the petal in front.) Then apply the Norway Spruce scales to make the filler pattern, also slightly overlapping.
Now add the rosettes. Hot-glue a base of the Longleaf cone to the frame. Hot-glue a tip of a Norway Spruce cone on top of the base. Repeat on three other sides. Then hot-glue the halved Himalayan Giant White Pine Dud cones to the frame’s corners.
Prop the frame atop disposable cups, and with a foam brush, apply a coat of shellac to seal it.
Insert picture or mirror. Experiment with any type of cones you have. There is no limit to all the different designs you can come up with!!
They look just Fabulous daaaaaahling ~

;Pine Cone Projects Are Fun
~ Pine Cone Owl ~
Nature Crafting is Fun

Pinecones & Materials Needed~
Wiggly Eyes
White Glue or Hot Glue Gun
Felt {Cut 3 triangles. 2 for the ears and one a bit bigger for the nose.
Old piece of wood that sits flat for the base

How to Put it All Together ~
Place the base wood or branch on your work area.
Glue one or more pinecones, pointed side down for the owl's body.
On top of the body, glue a pinecone right side up for the head.
Glue the ears, eyes, and beak on each owl head.
Make sure the cones are securely glued to each other.

Pine Cone Projects Are Fun
~ Pinecone Horse ~
This is fun, eh?

Horse's Body: Glue the ends of four straight twig legs to a medium-sized pinecone.
Head and Mane:
Glue a small pinecone to the end of a twig that is covered in pine needles and trim the needles to create a mane.
Glue the base of the neck to the body.
Glue a thick bunch of pine needles to the back of the body for a flowing tail.

Pine Cone Projects Are Fun
~ Pine Cone Squirrel ~
Nature Crafting is Fun

Pinecones & Materials Needed~
Pine Cone
1" Beige Pom-Pom
1 Beige Bumpy Chenille Stem
1 Beige Pipe Cleaner
Wiggle Eyes
5mm Black Pom-Pom
1 Acorn
White Glue or Hot Glue Gun

How to Put it All Together ~
Glue the beige pom-pom on the pointy end of the pine cone to be the squirrel's head. Glue on wiggle eyes and the tiny black pom-pom. Add ears with a scrap piece of felt, a small length of pipe cleaner, tiny pom-poms, or even paper. For the tail, cut off 2 bumps from the chenille stem. Fold them in half and twist the ends together. Glue the ends to the back of the pine cone, and bend the top of the tail down a bit. Make hands and feet simply by cutting pieces of a tan pipe cleaner.
For a finishing touch, make squirrel is hold an acorn made out of a tan bead and a bit of brown felt.

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