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Here are some of my Basic Pinecone Craft Projects to get you started.
Pinecone FirestartersScented Pinecones ~ Birdfeeders ~

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Pine Cone Fire Starters with "Bottoms"

Stuff you need to make Firestarters:
Pinecones -
I use Pitch, Shortleaf and Austrian Black Pine  {older cones burn best}
Wax - Candle, soy or paraffin used for canning {very flammable}
Candle Coloring / Crayons or Color squares - {You can use old candle stubs too!}
Double Boiler OR Large Metal Coffee Can & a Large Pot
{To grab & dip the cones}
Wax Paper
Wax-Coated Wicks OR String
{The string doesn't work well, but you need something!}
Muffin Tin
Non-stick Spray
Essential oil for scented fire starters
Mulch - Sawdust, sticks, crushed up dried leaves, cinnamon stick bits.

Do This First:
Spray muffin tins with the non-stick spray.
Place one end of a wick {string} in each muffin cup, allow an end to hang over the side.
Place Sawdust, crushed up leaves, sticks, mulch or cinnamon stick bits in the muffin tin.

1. Melt wax in top of double boiler over boiling water.
   {Or melt the wax in the coffee can in a pot of boiling water on the stove.}
2. Add color and/or essential oil when wax is melted.
3. Lower heat a bit.
4. Pour some of the hot wax into each muffin cup, covering the mulch.
5. Hold the wick and set a pinecone upright into wax straight away!
6. Let tray of fire starters harden completely!  Pop each cone out, one at a time.
These look great au natural!

If you want to coat the cones with wax, follow the rest of the instructions:
7. Make sure you have enough wax in the top {can} to submerge an entire cone!!
8. Melt more wax in the can if you need to.
9. Take your tongs, grab a pinecone bottom and dip the cone in the wax. Turn it to coat all over.
10. Lift the cone over the wax for a few moments to allow the wax to harden.
11. Dip again until well coated.
12. Repeat with all the pinecones. Add more wax and scent as needed.
13. Place pinecones on waxed paper to cool.
14. Let harden completely. {Sometimes I cheat and put in the fridge! }
They look great, eh?

Making Pinecone Firestarters is quite time-consuming, but can be a lot of fun.

How to Use:
To light a fire, put a pinecone firestarter in between the logs and light the wick.
The wax base will keep the cone burning for up to 10 minutes!

Excellent Gifts For the Fireplace ~
Put firestarters in a big basket and tie a fancy ribbon on it. Looks great next to a fireplace.
Put some of the pinecones in a cellophane bag. Tie bag with metallic curling ribbon or raffia.  Attach a little card with the instructions on how to use them.

Check the Craft Books below for more resources!

Easy Scented Pinecones
Dab glue on tips of pine cone petals and on the bottom of the cone.
Or, mix 1 part glue to 1 part water and brush entire cone with a foam brush.
Roll cone in mixture of ground cinnamon, cloves, or a nice spice that smells yummy.
You can purchase oil of cinnamon, or any of your favorite smellies
at a specialty drugstore or candle shop.
Add water and essential oil in a spray bottle.
Spray cones enough to make damp, but not soaked.
Put the pinecones into a plastic bag and seal them up for 24 hours.
Place the pinecone in a sealable plastic bag, add a several drops of your favorite scent, seal the bag, shake several times to distribute the scent, and let sit overnight.
Place the pinecones in a sealable plastic bag in a single layer.
Use a spray adhesive all over the cones and close the bag.
Shake. Repeat. Do this is a well ventilated area.
Wait a few minutes and open the bag. The pinecones should all be quite tacky.
Shake your favourite crushed spices onto the cones.
Close and shake the bag, making sure the cones are well coated.
Leave in the bag for 24 hours. These look and smell fabulous!

To USE: Keep the cones in a basket, canister or bowl.
Makes a wonderful air freshener as well as an accent piece!!

Pine Cone Bird Feeders
Pine Cones
Large ones work best ~ I prefer
Twisted Himalayan Pinecones.

For smaller Pinecone Birdfeeders, use Pitch, Larger Shorleaf or Austrian Black Pine
The older grey cones work best because they are easier for birds
to get their beaks in between the petals {bracts}.
The petals of a new pinecone won't bend.

Peanut Butter
*Regular Butter or Lard*
Bird Seed
String, Twine or Yarn

Mix Peanut Butter with the Regular Butter!!!!!!
* The regular butter keeps the peanut butter from sticking
to the birds beak and mouth to
Prevent Choking
! *

Apply the butter mixture to the pine cone with a spatula or putty knife,
and push it in between the petals of the cone.
Roll the cone into a pan of bird seed. Shake off the excess.
Roll again to make sure it's really covered well.
Tie the string around the stem or top of cone. Hang up outside.
The Squirrels like these cones too! LOL

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