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Pinecones Rule

How it all started....

As for my love of pinecones, it seems to have started a long time ago on the school playground. I loved to play Jacks. One day I forgot them at home, I used the Hemlock Pinecones from a nearby tree as a replacement! They worked great!

My folks also took my brother and myself on camping trips. My Mom wasn't crazy about it, but she still cooked meals and took terrific care of us! My Daddy loved it as much as we did! He gave my brother and I the gift of loving the outdoors. We all had many wonderful and funny times! I was forever looking in the woods for neat stuff.  I would always have pockets full of pinecones, pods and other dried goodies by the time I got back to the campsite. I loved finding different nature's treasures and bringing them home to add to my growing collection.

As I got older, I found myself hiking all over with my friends. I always brought home a lot of pine cones and pods. The outdoors is such an exhilarating place! As my collection of cones and pods grew, I started crafting with them. My Mom has always been a great crafter. She had the patience to sit and teach us. Mom has made so many wonderful things over the years. I came up with all sorts of ornaments, decorations and wreaths made entirely with different types and sizes of cones & pods. My handcrafted goodies are always welcomed gifts. I started getting many requests for them. So I started crafting "on the side" more often. The Pinecones seemed to take on designs of their own. I still get excited when I find beautiful cones! {And that is all the time!}
I discovered letterboxing and Geocaching which puts a fun spin on hiking! Try it!

REAL SUCCESS is Finding Your Life's Work in the Work that You LOVE! is about the JOY of PINECONES
and Sharing Ideas on what to create with them!

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Pinecones Rule
This site is dedicated to my Parents & my Grandma.
Thanks to my Daddy for sharing his love of the Great Outdoors.
Thanks Mom, for teaching me the patience and joy of crafting.
Thanks to my Kids for putting up with my Botanical Obsessions!
Thanks to my Incredible Friends, who keep me {in}sane??
To My Wonderful Crafting Pals and Clients, I deeply appreciate you all.
Thanks for Stopping by!
Thanks for Stopping By to Visit Me! It's Always Great to See You!
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